8 Black Eco-Poets Who Inspire Us | Sierra: The national magazine of the Sierra Club

Contemporary scribes draw links between environmental and ancestral resilience. Eco-poetics may be a recently christened genre, but of course, humans have been writing poems about nature for centuries.

Can Music Ever Be Green? An Overview Of The Changing Musical Climate

Recent terminological developments including ‘ecomusicology’, defined by Aaron S. Allen as a discipline considering ‘musical and sonic issues, both textual and performative, related to ecology and the natural environment’

Gen-X Is More Creative Than Gen-Y, According to Harvard | Inc.

Roughly twice as many “talent professionals” are looking to hire Millennials than looking to hire Gen-Xers, according to a recent survey reported in USA Today. Research reveals that workers in their 40s and 50s are on average smarter than everyone else in three key areas.

For One Chicana Rocker and Memoirist, Music is Activism, and a Way of Life

For more than 20 years, the Chicano rock band has done it their way — rejecting sponsorship money from tobacco or alcohol companies (a choice Gonzalez refers to in the book as “professional suicide”) and using what she calls “participatory community art practices.” It’s not uncommon for the band to invite neighbors to workshops to co-write songs…

The Sealey Challenge: An Expansive Way of Reading Poetry | Literary Hub

The Sealey Challenge is a call to action, to any one who’d like to participate: read 31 poetry books or chapbooks of your choice in 31 days. There is no prize waiting at the end; instead, participants are left with the knowledge of 31 fresh voices, a sense of belonging to a discovered community, and—hopefully—a newfound (or renewed) love of poetry.

Why ‘All We Can Save’ Will Make You Feel Hopeful About the Climate Crisis

A new anthology spotlighting women climate leaders offers solutions, encouragement, and an invitation to join the movement. The book is a feast of ideas and perspectives, setting a big table for the climate movement, declaring all are welcome.

How to Fight Fascism Through Literature | In These Times

Arundhati Roy’s new book “Azadi” raises important questions about how we can resist authoritarianism by expressing not only outrage but joy. In the ear­ly 2000s, his­to­ri­an Ramachan­dra Guha called Arund­hati Roy crazy…

Meet the PhD Student Inventing a New Scientific Language in Welsh

In Cardiff, Wales, Bedwyr Ab Ion Thomas, 23, is conducting his doctoral research on medicinal chemistry entirely in the Welsh language at Cardiff University. While it may seem ordinary for a researcher to work entirely in their native language…

The Great Unread: On William Deresiewicz’s “The Death of the Artist”

From Silicon Valley and its boosters, we hear: “There’s never been a better time to be an artist.” Anyone can easily market their own music, books, or films online, drum up a thousand true fans, and enjoy a decent living. We see proof of this, time and again, in profiles of bold creators who got tired of waiting to be chosen, took to the web, and saw their work go viral.

What Kind of Sonnets Will Computers Write? | Catapult

If poetry is an act of discovery for a writer, then even a computational poem has to uncover something new. Computers can outperform people. I have never beaten a calculator at long division or memorized the entire catalog of a library. But soon after I started a doctorate in computer science, I began to realize just how much computers were inching their way into new and wild domains.

“We Need To Start Living As If We Are A Part Of The Ecosystem.” Interview With Tomm Moore And Ross Stewart, Directors Of WOLFWALKERS

“It’s very easy for Tomm and myself to get influenced by all of the Irish folktales and mythology, there’s such a deep well to draw from, but I think this one tackles tales environmentalism and the divide of society,” says Ross Stewart, co-director, alongside Tomm Moore, of Wolfwalkers, “I mean there’s still a huge emphasis on family, like in Song of the Sea, but I think this tackles darker themes in it”.

InterLibrary Loan Will Change Your Life | Literary Hub

Even in an age when we can buy most any book with a single click, the InterLibrary Loan system remains a beautiful creation—and one that is often free. It is also a pleasant metaphor: we are loaned knowledge from afar, but we have to take care of it. Just remember not to tear that white band.

Grants Celebrate Disability Culture | M. Leona Godin< | Writers & Poets

In October, twenty disabled artists were announced as the first class of Disability Futures Fellows and received grants of $50,000 each, to be used in whatever way is most useful in supporting their work. The new fellowships celebrate disability culture by honoring accomplished practitioners in a wide variety of fields, including writing, theater, dance, architecture, painting, and garment making.

14 Fabulous Contemporary Lady Nature Writers: The Greatest—and Greenest

For Women’s History Month, we’d like to recommend 14 outstanding contemporary writers. Each of these women’s words can make us reconsider or better appreciate our relationship to the natural world.

2019 BUCKET LIST: The Contemporary Adventure Canon

What does it mean to be a well-read outdoorsperson in 2019? We have 54 new ideas. Yes, we still love Cheryl Strayed and John McPhee, but here’s an updated class of noteworthy additions.

The Urgent Case for Shrinking the Economy

Endless growth is destroying the planet. We know how to stop it. In July 1979, Jimmy Carter asked Americans to sacrifice: to consume less, take public transit more, value community over material things, and buy bonds to fund domestic energy development, including solar.