When Someone You Love Is Grieving: How to Really Help | Tiny Buddha

The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with …

Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted — It’s Why You Feel Awful | Medium

Here’s how to pull yourself out of despair and live your life. It was the end of the world as we knew it, and I felt fine. That’s almost exactly what I told my psychiatrist at my March 16 appointment.

Why It’s Sensible to be Silly | Elle Hunt | The Guardian

By the fifth week of lockdown, I had mastered the art of silliness. My flatmates and I had drawn smiley faces on fruit, stuck googly eyes on vegetables and dressed up as our favourite pop stars.

If they Hurt You Send them Metta. | Elephant Journal

Metta bhavana means “compassionate love” or “loving-kindness.” It’s a meditation practice that consists of wishing others and ourselves happiness and well-being.

A Message Of Hope From David Hockney For Lockdown 2: ‘Remember, They Can’t Cancel The Autumn Either’

Last March, as the coronavirus surged and we entered our first complete lockdown, David Hockney sent us all a joyous picture of spring, together with a message of hope that had worldwide resonance. He sent these from lockdown in Normandy, where he is still living and working intensively.

How Being Still In Nature Can Remind Us Of What It Means To Be Human

Our Elders, L’nu Elders and cultural leaders, have been encouraging us to slow down. Right now, we’re going through a period of uncertainty and change. We asked a few East Coast creators to reflect on their own transformations, in the past or present.

How Sleep Can Improve Your Immunity by Matt Walker

One of the best things that you can do to boost your immune system is head to bed, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. It can even make your flu shot more effective!

How My Morning Walk Became a Radical Act of Self-Care

I had no idea the impact a simple, gentle walk would have on my life. The impact comes not only from the actual physical walking but also from the discipline, the practice, the commitment.

A New Start After 60: ‘I Handed In My Notice – And Opened My Dream Bookshop’

She always loved reading. So at 65, when Carole-Ann Warburton finally opened her own shop, she had 8,000 books ready to fill it.

One Way To Calm An Anxious Mind: Notice When You’re Doing OK

To keep our ancestors alive, our brains evolved an ongoing internal trickle of unease. It’s the little whisper of worry that keeps you scanning your inner and outer worlds for signs of trouble.

How to Make Smudge Sticks :: and a List of Plants Commonly Used in Smudge Sticks

According to countless ancient ways of knowing, all plants possess a sacred spirit…a spirit that goes well beyond, and vibrates deeper, than its physical constituents.

How Time in the Woods Helped Me Reset My Life

In 2016, I was living in Denver, Colorado and had just heard word that my first novel would be published. I’d been developing a career in technical writing for the last eight years, and the stress was ruining my ability to write creatively.

Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Affect Heart Health, but Why?

Current research is taking these studies down to a cellular level, however, examining the movements of different blood components associated with the immune system both during induced acute stress and in the recovery following.

Artificial Pancreas Trialled for Outpatients with Type 2 Diabetes for First Time

An artificial pancreas could soon help those people living with type 2 diabetes who also require kidney dialysis. Tests led by the University of Cambridge and Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland, show that the device can help patients safely and effectively manage their blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of low blood sugar levels.

Whether it’s a trip to the lake or a session of hydrotherapy, water has the power to heal physically and mentally

Water makes up a majority of our planet’s surface, and it also makes up most of our bodies. We’ve long been told we need to consume more of it for our own health. And every time summer rolls around, the first thing many of us do is head out to a river or lake.

Finally, a Shot to Prevent Lyme Disease Could Be on Its Way

Lyme-carrying ticks are a bigger threat than ever. A promising new antibody treatment looks to stop infection—even after a tick bite.