Chile Just Created 10 Million New Acres of National Parks – Thanks to Patagonia & The North Face | The Guardian

“It is an invitation to imagine other forms to use our land.” When Chilean President Michelle Bachelet leaves office in March, her environmental legacy will be preserved throughout the country’s pristine…

Do Red and Green Mix? | The Great Transition Initiative | GT Network Space

Michael Löwy’s essay on ecosocialism has stimulated an interesting array of critiques from feminists, democrats, eco-capitalists, and more in this exchange. This is an exciting debate and, I would argue, a necessary one to ensure the twenty-first-century return of “socialism” is not grounded in abstract certainties, dogmatic formulas, and intellectual vanguardism. From the African context…

Seeing Nature Through Indigenous ‘Lens’ Might Improve Environmental Decision-making

Despite new legislation, critics say consultation often lacks real desire to listen, learn. As various levels of government become more serious about climate change, there has been heightened interest in incorporating Indigenous knowledge in that effort.

The US is in a water crisis far worse than most people imagine

Industrial runoff and lax standards have tainted water across the US. Senators and doctors are calling me, asking what to do. We are in a water crisis beyond anything you can imagine. Pollution and toxins are everywhere, stemming from the hazardous wastes of industry and agriculture.

Talking Green Without Seeing Red | FP Insider Access

How governments, journalists, and activists are all trying to change the narrative when they talk about climate change. The goal? Make the conversation more inclusive, less hostile, and frankly less boring.