People not getting enough exercise from long walks | report | Guardian

Strengthening and balance activities are vital for future wellbeing. Walking is just not enough, according to a new review of the evidence from Public Health England, which reveals a major disconnect between the exercise people need and what they actually do. “I do an hour and a quarter of tai chi every week.

The Best Thing to Do for Your Fitness Is Nothing at All | Outside Magazine

I’ve never been good at resting—I’ve climbed almost every day for the past 16 years. A recent injury, however, forced me to begrudgingly acknowledge that sometimes the best thing you can do for your training is stop it altogether.”

A Fantastic Salad | Harry Salmenniemi | Asymptote

Incredible salad. Quite insanely good salad. Amazing salad. Quite a wonderful salad. This is really nice. So what’s in it? It’s rocket. I’ve seasoned it slightly. But just normal Italian rocket with a seasoning I made myself. Insanely good. Definitely the best salad I’ve eaten. Is this leaf lettuce?

David Attenborough Urges Public To Go Plant-based To Save Planet In new Film

Legendary natural historian and documentary maker Sir David Attenborough is calling on the public to protect the future of the planet by ditching meats from our diets in his new documentary, A Life On Our Planet.His new documentary will explore the decline of the planet’s environment and biodiversity…

Meet Antivitamins. They May Replace Your Antibiotics Some Day | Big Think

German researchers have just solved the mystery of how these substances work. As pathogens’ resistance grows, scientists are searching for a class of drugs that could replace antibiotics. Antivitamins that switch off vitamins in bacteria are being investigated.

This Is What Happens To Your Body Over Months In Isolation | CNN Health

Since the pandemic officially began in March, we’ve been told staying home is the best way to avoid catching Covid-19. And it is. But life in confinement can cause physical ailments on its own.Being homebound for so long contorts the body, weakens the heart and lungs and even impairs brain function.

One Tasmanian’s 54-Year Obsession To Catalogue All Of The World’s Edible Plants

When agricultural scientist Bruce French was teaching agriculture in Papua New Guinea, his students had a strong message for him. They were sick of being taught about western plants and wanted to learn more about their native produce.